Keep Track of your DeFi Earnings with One Click Analytics

Use this tool to make intelligent investment decisions while generating your DeFi Earning.

Why use this?

Keep track of your Crypto Yield Farming

Visualize your gains
Track your portfolio by simply pasting in your wallet address. You are able to view and visualize price changes, price of your holdings and dividends earned through holding an asset. A new data point is added every time you use it to track your portfolio.
One Click
Super easy one click solution to see how your tokens are performing. The more you use it, the more data you have to better understand your portfolio performance.
Community Driven
Suggestions and feedback from the community is driving the development of this project.


The INNO Protocol roadmap is flexible and will evolve with the needs of developers and users.
Launch Portfolio Tracker
MultiChart tool
Multiple Currency support
Crypto Educational Content
5000 active users on our dApps
Coin Listing feature
White Paper (Initial Draft)

2021 Q2

Holding The Line
Launch Multiple Chain Support (ex. Ethereum Smart Chain)
Fair Launch of $INNO token
White Paper (Final Draft)
Premium features and promotions on existing dApps

2022 Q2

To The Moon
Application for Major CEX listing
Coin Request feature Decentralized
Implementation of INNO protocol
Creation of mobile apps for the BSC Portfolio Tracker
2022 Roadmap Announced

2022 Q3


Frequently Asked Questions

A new data point is added every time you click the Token history button. So more often you use it, more data points will show in the chart. Soon we will have an automated way of tracking your price.

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